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Okay, so youve done it. . you've found yourself doing life with a HorseGirl.

The good news: It'll be fun! And well worth the money!

There's more good news . . . we have a CRASH COURSE for you . . a quick, fun and info'-mative course on line.  You can preview it here on

If you have an hour - you have a chance ! 


  • Feel more confident in the barn
  • Not get hurt
  • Not get HER hurt
  • Get to know that Beloved horse / pony of hers and get in on the action


BONUS - all the other Horse Husbands and Dads are gonna wanna buy you a cheeseburger and learn your secrets!


It's all on and it's just 15 bucks! no pun intended

Cori's "Crash Course for Horse Husbands" & Dads (Online)

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