Blue Jay  is a 20 year old Connemara Pony mare who's been in our barn for 17 years. She's served many people by being a sturdy and steady listener. She's also highly sensitive to mental pressure . . . . and she'll move away if she feels that heavy vibe headed her way. She's one of the more stoic horses I've known . . as if to protect herself. In terms of interacting with others and people. She tends to maintain alot of personal space and often positions herself near exits. Blue Jay enjoys relaxing without pressure to perform, eating, and having a friend scratch her itchy spots (she has many!) She's terrified of riding in the trailer but she'll get on anyway:) Oh and she doesn't like getting rained on! She was an award winning cross country and stadium jumping pony until an injury sidelined her from competition. She's part of the riding school as well as a HorsePlay operative. Most who interact with her would find she "needs motivation."

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