Is there a horse-lover in your life
who's always dreamed of having a pony of their own?
Now's their chance!! 
Sponsor a Pony this Summer (or several!) for just $50 and your recipient will get
a weekly photo / video and note from their beloved equine.
That's right . . . $50 for a weekly greeting, through Sept 5.
Your Summer Sponsorship will support our GoFeedMe fund -
essential to keeping these service horses fed and cared for during pandemic closure.
And when we can open our barn doors again, we'll all be ready!
Visit our herd below and learn about their strengths, quirks and challenges.
Pick- a-Pony and trot over to PayPal: let's get this pony-party started!

Hudson Valley HorsePlay has been providing free and low-cost services to youth and adults facing the challenges of trauma, PTSD, anxiety / depression and developmental disabilities by means of the equine-assisted learning model. HorsePlay has served school groups and district leaders, youth centers, libraries, senior citizens and other community organizations. Your support will assist us in our plans to provide post-pandemic wellness and experiential learning to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

I'm Napoleon: Change Agent

Heya! I'm a small pinto pony with a really smooooth canter. I'll also let you stand on my back and make funny poses. I get startled easily .. you'll see my eyes freeze up and I get stiff all over. And then I realize it was just a squirrel or a plastic bag and I'm back to my goofiness. Oh - I have this bad habit - a vice - I put my teeth on stuff and suck wind to make myself burp. For real! It feels good (releases endorphins.) I do it when I'm stressed or bored. We all have our challenges:)

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