HV HorsePlay partners people with horses for positive well-being, improved mental health, and fun! 

Let our herd help you reach your personal and professional goals.  

All activities take place


There is no riding involved.

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Cori Nichols,
Founder of Hudson Valley HorsePlay

Hello, my name is Cori Nichols and I would like to personally welcome you and extend a thank you for visiting Hudson Valley HorsePlay. 


HorsePlay activities bring individuals, families and groups together with one or more horses for structured experiences. Participants learn about their communication patterns, approaches to problem-solving, relationship styles and more. The horses are always honest - and no matter who you are - they'll tell it like it is!

With this information, our clients have the opportunity to explore new ways and means of engaging . . . . not just with the horses but with those outside of the arena (parents, peers, colleagues, siblings, spouses, and others.)


Our Social-Distance Protocols ensure everyone's safety. 

Please Email HorsePlay , or call/text (845) 616 - 3608 . Let's get going!