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Your Inner Compass Coaching
Inner Compass Kids Coaching

Every single individual has something they'd like to do - or do differently.

And everybody feels stuck sometimes and in some places.  

Your Inner Compass and our herd of horses are here to help you.


We'll start by exploring your strengths, values and goals. . . your authentic you!

We'll then explore the horses as the individuals they are.


Activities can include:

herd and horse observation, 





Together we'll make sense of the horses' feedback and translate that learning into your real-life.


Why Are Horses Such Powerful Teachers?

As prey animals, horses are highly attuned to their environment and everything in it. They're experts at reading the most subtle of cues in an effort to determine physical and emotional safety.   

Even better, a horse will always respond honestly and without judgement.  They are 100% authentic all the time. This sort of feedback is rich with material for those who wish to grow and experiment with  new and novel ways of developing agency, interacting, and moving through the world. . .

trying on a shift in perspective, or playing with variables to get the feel of a new dynamic. 

And then what? Let's see what happens!


 Book a call today and let's plan your introductory visit. 

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YICC Visits

Your Inner Compass Coaching packages span 6 visits.

Visits take place on-the-farm, in person, out-of-doors.

There is no riding involved. No horse experience is required.

We work year-round ! 


Coaching visits are approximately 45 minutes long.

Package price from $325.

Contact Cori by email or phone/text to learn more.

Hudson Valley HorsePlay / Kerhonkson, NY

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