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Programs & Events   2017        Wanna Horse Around?

Open Barn,   Monday, October 9, 1 - 4PM

All are invited. Sip local cider and enjoy Fall's bounty.  Meet the herd and HorsePlay providers. Watch demonstrations of activities, or participate if you choose. All activities take place on-the-ground. COSMO, our Equicizer, will be available for "rides." Click here for more information. RSVP is required.  Held rain or shine.

UnBridled: Parent / Child PlayShop with Horses

60 - 90 minute workshops for parent and child / children. A wonderful opportunity to learn more about each other in a playful setting. Click here for a flyer. Offered year-round.



Social Groups: Select Sunday afternoons

Kids ages 7 - 15 are invited to join one of our social groups this Fall.  They'll have fun while engaging in activities with ponies and peers while improving awareness, identifying body language, making requests and developing teamwork. Click here for a sample flyer. 

Email us to stay informed.  Fee: $25 per class. 


Just Say Whoa

Assertiveness is a critical skill and can be explored with horses in a way that is physically and emotionally safe. Individual activities to start, leading to group workshops where kids can put their skills into practice. Boys and girls, ages 7 - 18. 45- minute classes. Contact HorsePlay for pricing and scheduling.  Click here for a flyer.

Ready, Set, SCHOOL!

HorsePlay offers a unique 6-week program for ages 3 - 6 that will support the skills necessary for a success child's academic, personal and social success. Activities will address awareness, identification of feelings, social skills, conflict management, focus, fine and gros motor skill support and include some riding. Click here for a flyer


Have a wanna-be driver on the horizon? HorsePlay has created a driving-readiness course that will prepare operators  for the job. Students will realize how focus, awareness, coordination, multi-tasking, dealing with surprises, staying calm under pressure and other skills will keep themselves and others safe on the real roads. And yes, participants will be taught how to carriage drive and put through our one-of-a-kind obstacle course, complete with road signs, "traffic" and the occasional chicken crossing! Well-suited for ages 8 - adult, those with mild disabilities, asperger's and seniors too. 

How Can I Help You?

This workshop is a must for health and human service providers. By interacting with horses, participants will observe the affects of their body language, personal energy, tone and trust-building strategies.  Like many consumers, patients and clients, horses are very particular about their personal boundaries, sense of safety and who they deem trustworthy. Because they're non-verbal, hyper-vigilant and authentic, they offer immediate feedback to a human's approach.  


This 90 minute on-your-feet workshop is for individuals and groups. Discounted groups rate available for students and institutional staff: hospital, dental and medical, direct-care and senior support aides and providers, police, corrections and criminal justice personnel.

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