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All Services Listed are Ground-Based.
There is no riding involved and no horse experience is neccessary.

The opportunities for learning with horses are endless!

Here are examples of our stand-alone services.

We'd be delighted to explore your particular interests and needs.

Social Skills

No matter who you are or your current spectrum of skills, a horse can help you grow as a human.

The adventure begins with one-on-ones with a horse and progress to social groups with peers.  Children, youth, adolescents, adults. From $55.

Request to book here.

Equine Assisted Learning

Looking to build skills? Flexibility, focus, patience, boundaries, healthy assertiveness, creative problem-solving, leadership, or . .or ? We'll design activities for you and a horse partner to work-out together. And you'll probably have fun while you're at it! You can explore strengths and practice skills with a horse in a playful learning environment and then take them out to the world and shine! Ages 8 - adult. From $55.

Request to book here. 


Bring your partner or significant other and have a fun and engaging activity together with one or more horses. Think strategizing, communication non-verbally, managing a horse through an obstacle course without actually touching it!  Activity level is light. Heavy on the fun:). Ages 17+ From $85. Request to book here.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

EAP can be a very effective supplement to mental health treatment. As highly sensitive prey animals, horses sense and feel the emotions and energies of thois around them. They mirror these back, offering people a way to recognize, address, and talk about their own emotions without feeling judged or overwhelmed. From $150. Request a booking here.

Mindful Grooming

Imagine the opportunity to connect peacefully and in service to a horse. They are wonderfully open and receptive of kind regard, gentle touch and a listening eye. A horse's coherent heart rhythm is actually contagious! Many participants report lowered blood pressure and feelings of wellness after just of a few minutes in a horse's presence. Ages 8+. From $55.

Request to book here.

Make A Horse Connection

Developing a relationship with a prey animal employs awareness, deep listening, empathy, boundaries, patience and a host of other "people skills". The horse cares not about what you are, your career merits, your pronouns . . Its HOW you are that they will respond to. The benefits? A horse will reward you for your authenticity, your respect for their needs, your inclusivity and your leadership. You have to try this! Ages 8 - Adult.  50 minutes. From $75.

Request to book here.


Peace-out with horses! They're experts at living in-the-moment, being grounded, and accepting what is. Private, community, and group visits held April through October. View our FaceBook page for dates, or contact us to schedule your private visit.

Guided / Partially Guided or Your Own Way. From $40.

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What Our Clients Say


H.K., HorsePlayer

"I''m so grateful to have discovered Hudson Valley HorsePlay. Cori is an amazing teacher and astute observer of human as well as horse behavior. She is with you every step of the way, ensuring safety and using her voluminous knowledge and lifelong experience to teach groundwork and other exercises that deepen the unique human-horse connection. My overall experience at Hudson Valley HorsePlay has been deeply meaningful, and the process is playful, fun, and full of joy.
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