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Leadership Lessons

As prey animals, horses rely on their herd leader for safety. Take the challenge to show up in this role. It's a delicate dance with a 1,000 pound animal with its own moods, personality, and baggage.


Horses provide instant feedback and tell it like it is!  They can help humans listen, to regulate energy, to read and respond to body language, and when to apply pressure and when to ease off. Horses work in subtleties and can remind humans to bring this into their relationships with others. 

Individual & group classes for adults

Individual & group classes for youths

An article below details one participant's experience.


Team-Building Workshops

Boost morale, engagement, and creativity with a group outing to HorsePlay.
  • Workshops from 2 hours - full day
  • 3 - 23 participants
  • April through October
  • Activity level is "light"
  • From $55/pp
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