K.I.D Coaching

Kindness Integrity and Discipline (KID) Coaching is small group interaction with a horse and one of our highly trained and certified coaches. The coaching process is brought to life by utilizing the farm environment with the horses as the motivation for learning new life skills. Through the process, kids have the opportunity to learn and practice life skills that can deal with difficult behaviors.  


The fun classes with the horses are built around a variety of leadership skills with an emphasis on:                                                                                          


  • Respect for all living beings

  • Responsibility for self

  • Kindness to others

  • Self-regulation for the greater good

  • Asking for help


Fun and challenging ground activities with the horses helps to uncover the kids’ greatest strengths and increases their self-esteem -- equipping them with tools for dealing with social and peer pressures. We focus in on three character traits to build a foundation for success; kindness and empathy towards others, integrity in speech and self-discipline with a focus on accountability for life long success.


K.I.D. Coaching programs are offered year-round in 6 week sections. 

Each class meets for one hour.

Fee starts at $120 per participant for Group Setting. 

Private K.I.D. Coaching is also available.