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Learn Leading Differently
What Horses Can Teach Us

Learn Leading Differently!

Whether you're a leader of 1 (yourself), several (your family/ your team) or a parade of many, your leadership style and the culture you create will determine your success (whatever that means to you!)

Working with horses will help to a) expand upon your soft skills and emotional intelligence, b) recognize how you are received, and c) shed light on any blindspots during the exchange of feedback - all in in real-time.

What About Leadership?

Leadership embodies a range of traits and qualities including











listening & articulating

optimism, and more

How would your own life, your home-life, your career be different or better if you had some real-time practice with theses skills?  Sure, some people are "born leaders", but it's important to note that many leadership skills are - and can be - developed over time.

If you're curious, click here to view a leadership skills survey. Your responses will remain private. Rate yourself honestly and see where your strengths are and which areas you might wish to explore further.

Why Horses?

Horses are wonderful teachers of leadership skills. By nature, they instinctively seek leadership for both emotional and physical safety. Herds are typically led by a mare (female horses.) Her leadership role involves choosing the direction for the group (to food, water, safety) and providing organization for the members.  Being a dominant horse (or herd leader) has nothing to do with aggression.  (Aggression would create fear and confusion, not mutual trust and respect.)


So what then?

In order to collaborate with a horse you'll need your humility (and confidence), your vision (and flexibility), your boundaries (and empathy), your assertiveness (and compassion), your listening (and articulating), your action (and patience), amongst other tools.

How then?

Your HorsePlay Leadership class will partner you with a horse (or pony) and your facilitator will guide you through ground-based activities. There is no riding involved and no horse experience is required. Activity level is "light."


Leadership Skills Survey

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