Make A Horse Connection !


Come, "Make a Horse Connection" for an enlightening experience! 


Participants are guided through

on-the-ground interactions with horses

for fun, personal wellness and professional growth.

(There is no riding involved, and no horse experience is required.) 

All activities are provided from a safe social-distance.

Many HorsePlay guests become aware of their behavioral patterns, identify the beliefs they're  based upon, and take the opportunity to try something different .. with a horse . . . a living breathing blank page . . . who doesn't judge.


Get present with a horse and become more aware. 

Let a horse tell you what they see. 

Learn your strengths and use them!

Practice being flexible . . . trying something new.

Go home happy!


As prey animals, horses are highly skilled at reading and responding to their environment: non-verbal cues, energy, intention, honesty, commitment, congruency and more. They will respond authentically  - and immediately - to whatever signals we send  . . helping others to better understand their beliefs, communication styles and patterns. 

"Before there were selfies, we had relationships

         to help us see who we really are."


And because horses come in a wide variety of personalities and moods, each of them can teach us humans how to become more aware of differences, to adapt, be flexible and accommodate their needs in their particular states of being - at these particular moments. It's navigating / managing . . .yourself, a child, souse, employee. . . a situation!  Take this experience to real-life situations, both personal and professional.


Participants report deep relaxation, a quieting of the mind, a rich dialogue within the horses’ non-verbal dimension, and discovery of personal strengths and yes, limitations. Oh, and they say it feels good!!

Ages 5+. Individuals, couples, families.  Approx 50 minutes.

Adults from $75 pp. Children 5+ from $60.

Offerings daily, year-round in Kerhonkson, NY,

 - just minutes from Minnewaska State Park

Email us or call/text to schedule your experience. GIFT CERTIFICATES Here

Family Fun-Building

"Working with the horse today taught me that I when I actively listen and try to understand another's point of view it softens the whole experience for both of us. At first, the horse and I were both reluctant, but I was able to get out of my head and look at the world from its point of view and our relationship changed almost instantly! Something I'm going to do with people more often! Lol" - Lauren, age 33

"This is such a unique experience for every age. I was taken back with how much my 5 year old daughter learned and e engaged with her pony. She was so attentive and respectful of the social cues that Cori identified. I learned so much too. As a healthcare professional myself I can see how this model is so needed.....the horses are healing and gentle in themselves and demonstrate to us how we should be - respectful of each other's space, boundaries and being."

 - Dr. Kathia Roberts