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Make A Horse Connection 


Relax, get present, and allow for connection as you enter the non-verbal world of the horse.


As a highly sensitive prey animal, a horse is finely attuned to its surroundings and the energy in its environment.

In fact, a horse can detect your heart rate, read your facial expressions and your body language, and even smell your hormones! (Those of fear stress, joy, love, etc. ) That's right. They can really "read the room." If you're hiding something, or faking it, they'll know.

Connecting with a horse provides an opportunity to lay down

our defenses. We can build rapport by being present and willing, opening ourselves and accepting what happens next.

What will you do? 

Guests can simply observe the herd, or choose a particular horse to partner with. You'll get grounded, become an observer, learn their body language, and let the games begin!

Additional activities might include grooming your horse, walking together, navigating an obstacle course or games "at-liberty" (- leading without a rope!)

Some HorsePlay participants come to simply enjoy time well spent with a kind-hearted horse. Others come to explore specific themes in their human world, ie: boundaries or assertiveness, communication challenges or leadership skills. Whatever it is, it can be explored with a horse. They're powerful teachers and have so much life wisdom to share with us!

Is there  riding involved with this? No - Horse Connections are a relationship thing, not a riding skills thing. All the activities take place on-the-ground . . . at the horse's level.  And no horse experience is required.


"Before there were selfies, we had relationships to help us

see who we really are."

Ages 5+. Individuals, couples, families.  Approx 50 minutes.

Adults from $75 pp. Children 5+ from $60. Families, pods, groups: $85+

Offerings daily, year-round in Kerhonkson, NY,

 - just minutes from Minnewaska State Park, excellent eateries and HV attractions.

Email us or call/text to schedule your experience.


Purchase as a gift


"Working with the horse today taught me that I when I actively listen and try to understand another's point of view it softens the whole experience for both of us. At first, the horse and I were both reluctant, but I was able to get out of my head and look at the world from its point of view and our relationship changed almost instantly! Something I'm going to do with people more often! Lol" - Lauren, age 33

"This is such a unique experience for every age. I was taken back with how much my 5 year old daughter learned and e engaged with her pony. She was so attentive and respectful of the social cues that Cori identified. I learned so much too. As a healthcare professional myself I can see how this model is so needed.....the horses are healing and gentle in themselves and demonstrate to us how we should be - respectful of each other's space, boundaries and being."

 - Dr. Kathia Roberts

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