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Power of Presence - Healthcare Series

Creating trusting relationships with patients can be challenging for Healthcare Professionals (HCP). It is crucial for a physician to have the appropriate skills to engage patients from all backgrounds. As horses instinctively react to body language and other nonverbal cues, we are able to gain insight into our own nonverbal communication. We have developed a workshop at Hudson Valley HorsePlay to help medical students improve communication skills with patients and hone their awareness of patient’s nonverbal cues. The workshops are held on our 72 acre, confidential, and private farm.

Hudson Valley Horseplay will:

  1. Host an Interactive Workshop with groups of healthcare students and professionals

  2. Tailor information for participants based on the workshop objectives

  3. Answer follow up questions

  4. Groups consist of 10-12 students

The ‘Power of Presence in a Healthcare Setting’ is a profound experiential workshop which will not only positively enhance your healthcare staff’s ability to communicate with patients, but may also serve to positively alter team dynamics.

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