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Social Skills 

Partnering with horses is a unique and effective way to build and grow social skills for children, youth, and adults alike. Horse are excellent teachers as they communicate through body language, provide honest feedback, and create a non-judgmental and emotionally safe learning environment. With horses, learning becomes fun and engaging, making it easier to develop important social skills.

  • Reading and responding to body language and social cues

  • Making introductions

  • Initiating conversation

  • Listening

  • Developing empathy

  • Practicing communication skills

  • Recognizing boundaries

  • Esdtablishing boundaries

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Sharing

  • Building self-advocacy  and more.


Contact us to learn more and get started with equine-assisted learning. 

Ages 4+. Individual and groups. Year-round.

There is no riding involved. All activities take place on-the-ground.

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