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EAP for Individuals & Families

Individual HorsePlay sessions are a wonderful opportunity for clients to focus on the particular goals they'd like to address. Fees are reasonable, and results are great!  HorsePlay sessions can be conducted regularly or on an as-needed basis, such as during a time of transition or stress. Call us and we'll discuss the possibilities for your improved wellness.

Family HorsePlay!

Families that play together, well . .. stay together, it's true!

Consider a HorsePlay session that while fun and unique, can shed light on the dynamics of the group and help members find common ground as well as an appreciation for differences. 

Other popular topics include:

 Rules & consequences

 Clear communication

 Personal boundaries

 Healthy assertiveness

 Taking & giving directions

 Trust & being trustworthy

 Dealing with siblings & steps



Family sessions work really well for blended families too!!

Call or email us to learn more.

Our guest cottage is available for weekend retreats!

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