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Our Mission

To engage with and support individuals, families, groups and communities to learn more positive ways of being through equine assisted learning experiences. 

Our Values

Courage - we value curiosity and safety, We encourage our clients to try something new and possibly out of your comfort zone

Authenticity - Being true to our nature is highy important. We strive to show up as our authentic selves for or horses AND our clients.  (The horses thrive on this!)

Being present - We owe it to ourselves to be present and participate in each moment, whether actively or passively. Horses are present-minded too! It's our promise to be present and inn the moment with our clients as well. 

Creativity - Life is full of possibilities and we feel there are many many "roads to Rome". We value new and novel ways of doing things. We also encourage our participants to let their imaginations get into the mix! 

Playfull-ness - We explore play and the joy of relating from this perspective.  It's a choice we are all able to adopt. Horses do too! 

Relationship - We place a high value on relationship. With ourselves, with our horses, with our clients, with our friends, neighbors, community, teachers, vendors, employers - and heck - the next stranger we meet:) 

Open minded - We strive to make ourselves available to "what might happen next". This is the true essence of experiential learning! We are more interested in the process as we move toward a goal, rather than simply the goal itself. This brings such ease!

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