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Life Skills

Studies have suggested that engaging with horses improves life skills for people of all ages. Equine assisted learning is used to help young children identify body language and social cues, increase confidence, expand the ability to focus; heighten problem-solving skills and cope with challenge.  EAL is especially helpful to understand the importance of setting boundaries and respecting those of others. 

Skills gained during a life skills session include: 

Efficacy – the power of capacity to produce a desired result
Flexibility – the ability to bend without breaking
Craftsmanship – seeking precision, mastery – performing with skill and dexterity
Interdependence – the quality or condition of being mutually reliant on each other
Consciousness – the state of being awake and aware, especially of something within one’s self

During HorsePlay sessions participants may find they need to adjust their behaviors in order to accomplish a goal or achieve a desired outcome when working with their horse. They've often discovered their inner navigator and a sense of personal power. We see our participants take on a workmanlike approach to barn-life and cleaning stalls, sweeping aisle ways and grooming horses.


Parents who engage in the activities will find that learning to express expectations, setting consequences, and showing positive rewards to horses (their pseudo-children within the exercise) in appropriate ways can dramatically improve family dynamics.  

During our sessions we use various techniques and worksheets to ensure life skills development and progress. If you'd like to check out examples of activities that may be completed during a session click on the PDF included. 

Prices start at $45. Group sessions and workshops are priced according to the number of participants and length of session. 

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