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HorsePlay is designed to bring individuals, families and groups together with a mental health care provider (MHP), an equine specialist (ES) and horses for improved social, behavioral and other positive change.  Clients are assigned activities with the horses. And by trying to enlist the horse's cooperation, participants learn about thier own communication ptterns and reltionship conflicts. Many observations and therapeutic goals can be accomplished by horse-human interactions.


HorsePlay sessions can be custom created to meet the needs of our clients. We might incorporate specific goals that support learning and personal growth, enabling people to deal with challenges in their lives and make changes when and where necessary.

For some clients, a more free-form approach may be deemed best. Equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions can be shaped to meet clients “exactly where they are.”

Session fees begin at $40.

Sliding scale available.




Benefits of Equine Interactive Therapy Include:

  • Increased self-awareness                              

  • Increased confidence

  • Improved social skills

  • Improved communication

  • Anxiety reduction

  • Greater trust

  • Improved appropriate assertiveness

  • Enhanced resiliency skills

  • Healthy boundaries: self & others' / observance of them

  • Responding - not reacting

  • Anger management


HorsePlay was created by Cori Nichols, a lifelong horsewoman, trainer and instructor -- and now an Eagala Certified Equine Specialist. She is the owner of Nichols Field Riding Club in Kerhonkson, NY,  which serves as HorsePlay's home-base. The farm is within minutes of the Hudson Valley Resort, all the while set on a completely private 72 acre parcel, offering participants a peaceful and confidential environment. The property boasts a 14,000 sq foot covered arena, newly constructed center-aisle barn, 60 ft round pen, horse-course of obstacles, nature trails and a herd of beloved equines.


Over the course of her 30+ years as a teacher of horsemanship, Cori has been incorporating EA Learning (ie life-skills) into her practice. "EA Psychotherapy is a natural extension", she says. "The dynamics between horses and humans are palpable. I'm witness to journeys, leaps, and bounds made here everyday." While she continues to conduct EA Learning sessions for children and adults (both mounted and unmounted,) Nichols now works side-by-side with MH practitioners, addictions counselors and others, providing EAP sessions throughout the year.



Nichols Field is open daily, year round, for visits and tours by appointment. Demonstrations and professional practices are scheduled monthly. Complete the form at right and we'll keep in touch!



Please see additional pages for programs and information.



An on-site rental cottage is available for families, groups and others who might enjoy an "immmersion" experience. 

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