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Why Horses?

HorsePlay isn't about riding horses or horsemanship. In fact, it doesn't involve riding at all. Rather, it's about interacting with horses—and harnessing their incredible power to heal and teach. Absolutely no horse experience is required.


HorsePlay is the only venue in Ulster County to offer these unique, cutting-edge programs,

based on the models pioneered by the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA):


Being in the presence of a horse can be surprisingly therapeutic. Horses instinctively perceive, and react to, our deepest feelings and fears; they mirror our subconscious in unexpected ways. During EAP, clients observe their interactions with horses and become aware of their hidden issues. As clients change, they see their horse "partners" change, too. People intimidated by horses can overcome their fears and develop confidence. Those with emotional wounds can build a trusting, safe relationship—perhaps for the first time. Children and teens turned off by the therapy office can benefit from a wonderful alternative. EAP can help treat trauma, abuse, depression, anxiety, anger, and addictions, among other problems. It can help clients develop confidence, self-esteem, and assertiveness.


HorsePlay Sessions are created to meet the needs of our clients. We might incorporate specific goals that support learning and personal growth, enabling people to deal with challenges in their lives and make changes when and where necessary. For some clients, a more free-form approach may be deemed best. Equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions are shaped to meet clients “exactly where they are.” 60 minute sessions. Fees range from $65-$150. Sliding scale available.


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