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What is Reading with HorsePlay?
Reading With HorsePlay incorporates horses into literacy learning activities. Students connect with their minds, bodies and emotions while completing tasks with a horse by their side. The inclusion of the horse provides for a social / emotional component that brings elements of the lesson to life. These moments include problem-solving, motivation, confidence, play, accomplishment and of course, more fun! The results? A powerful and memorable experience, without "the judgement" that can sometimes be present in a traditional classroom setting.

Who is this For?Classes are tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. From "learning letters" to sight words and more sophisticated skills, we work from a research-based curriculum to help our students explore and discover their reading strengths and fullest potential. 

Curriculum Areas Include:     
     Phonemic Awareness


Who is Reading With HorsePlay?
We are Beth Springston and Cori Nichols, both Certified Horse Powered Reading Facilitators.
Beth is a retired teacher with 35 years experience in the K-5 classroom. She holds a Masters of Education from the University of Pittsburgh. She's also an avid horse owner and rider.

Cori is an Eagala Certified Equine Experiential Learning Facilitator and Founder of HV HorsePlay. Cori has been riding, training and teaching for 35+ years.

Together Beth, Cori and the horses deliver a research-based literacy curriculum in a highly engaging multi-sensory environment. 

How Long Are Sessions?
Individual classes: 40 minutes.
Small group classes: 1 hour.

How Much Does it Cost?
Introductory / Assessment : $30
Individual classes: $60

3-visit bundle : $165

Group classes: $40 each*

A sliding scale is available.
Contact us for arrangements.

*Participants must complete at least one individual class to become eligible for groups.


L to R Beth, Holy Mac, Cori

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Students learning to decode and build vocabulary

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