Horse Riding and Other Events are Social-Distance Friendly!

Have you been feeling cooped up at home, or isolated from others? If so, it's a great time to learn how to ride or get back into it! Riders can explore freedom, the ability to exercise control, and connect with horses and nature all at the same time.

Social-distancing will be around for the the for-seeable future. Here are ways we can engage with horses, and nature, while keeping ourselves - and each other  - safe and satisfied!



Riding Lessons: Mounted riding lessons can be taught from a safe social distance. Your horse and instructor will meet you in the ring where you can mount-up and get your riding game on!

If you're a smaller / younger rider, your parent or guardian can help you from the ground when needed. Ages 3+ Great for building confidence, independence, focus and fine & gross motor skills and more  Read more

Leadership / Management Exercises

What about this:  try supervising a loose horse in a circular pen, without touching him. Let's say the goal is to keep the horse moving  at a walk (not a trot) clockwise around the pen. Too little direction from you and he'll change direction or stop and eat the grass beneath. Too much pressure and he'll get frantic and run. Challenge yourself to read and respond to the horse's body language in order to successfully complete the task.

And let's pretend this horse is one of your employees, clients or students. Gain outside, gain insight and have fun in a whole new way.  Yes, you'll get a little direction from "senior-management" (a HorsePlay facilitator.)

Making A Horse Connection

You CAN get close with a horse, and we can guide you from a distance. We've got a field-ful of miniature ponies who can't wait to find out who you are! Ages 5 +. Families welcomed! Read more

Pony Safari . . . Begins mid-May 2020!

That's right! A drive-thru experience the whole family can enjoy from their own vehicle. Talk about curbside-enjoyment!! Meet n Greet with ponies, catch a demonstration, check out a guided herd observation and play I-Spy along the way. Pony Safari is weather-dependent, so dates will be announced on a pop-up basis.

TEXT  (845) 616 - 3608 or EMAIL to get on our  First-to-Notify list. (Space will be limited and tickets must be purchased in advance.)  Read more