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Hudson Valley HorsePlay has been providing free and low-cost services to youth and adults facing the challenges of trauma, PTSD, anxiety / depression and developmental disabilities by means of the equine-assisted learning model. HorsePlay has served school groups and district leaders, youth centers, libraries, senior citizens and other community organizations. Your support will assist us in our plans to provide post-pandemic wellness and experiential learning to all, regardless of their ability to pay.

I'm Holy Mac: Focus Specialist
Hi, I'm Holy, standing tall at 36". My specialty is teaching youngsters how to supervise me by making choices & sticking with them. (Otherwise I might suggest we do things my way instead:) I'm really quite cooperative - and I get to go on field trips to schools and libraries and parties. Oh - I also help people realize that you ought not judge a book by its cover:) Believe me, I don't make assumptions about you based on your appearances! (How I feel about you is what matters.) See link/Sponsor
I'm Blu Jay: I Teach Tolerance
I'm Blu Jay. Like most horses, I'm pretty curious and I'm a really good listener, although I might not share much about myself. Some might call me "stoic" because I don't get all gushy like some others. I'm more the strong, silent type. I hope you won't take it personally . . it's just how I am. Please give me my space when I need it so I don't feel pressured. Come visit sometime!
I'm Taz: Professor of Play
Hiiiiiiiii! I'm Taz and I'm one of those extroverted types. And I'd really really really like to meet you. And run, and jump, and nibble on your pigtails, and try to unlatch my stall door and let myself out! I'm very observant and if one little thing is out of place I get really nervous. I need exercise and playtime everyday to help me feel relaxed and important. Come see me!!!
I'm Promise: Resiliency Coach
Hi, I'm Promise. Sort of new here. Once I feel I can trust you I'll be your best friend. (I've helped alot of friends with their grief and sadness. I've had some hard times too, so I can relate to that.) When I first arrived here I tried to hide from everyone. But I try to give new people & situations a fair chance, and I'm much more comfortable now. OH! And I'm told my fur is really really soft. Let's make friends and you can find out for yourself. Wanna ride? I'm a dynamo. Let's go!!
I'm Napoleon: Change Agent
Heya! I'm a small pinto pony with a really smooooth canter. I'll also let you stand on my back and make funny poses. I get startled easily .. you'll see my eyes freeze up and I get stiff all over. And then I realize it was just a squirrel or a plastic bag and I'm back to my goofiness. Oh - I have this bad habit - a vice - I put my teeth on stuff and suck wind to make myself burp. For real! It feels good (releases endorphins.) I do it when I'm stressed or bored. We all have our challenges:)
I'm Beezie: Seeker of Truth
Hi! I'm Beezwax, kind of an "old soul " - like a grandma you can tell your secrets to. I'll listen to your feelings (all horses can do this but I'm really good at it bc I like that sort of thing) BUT, it only works if you're honest w/ me. Then I know I can trust you! And when I do - I'll give you a sign - I'll lick my lips or sniff your cheek. I'll appreciate it when you listen to me too! Please notice my signals - my body language - and we can be close friends. Sponsor me w the link below!
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